April 23, 2021

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite for Partners and Customers

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite is an open and modular Integration Platform offered by SAP to integrate SAP to SAP and SAP to third-party applications for enterprises. It connects processes and data of a mid to large enterprise across multiple application usage landscapes and bridges the gap of disconnected business applications. 

This service runs in the Cloud Foundry (CF) environment. It has 3 major features: 

  • In a Cloud Integration Platform, you can connect SAP and Non-SAP Applications, On-Premise/Cloud and process data across these applications for 1 organization, or multiple organizations  
  • It has API Management Capabilities
  • It has over 160 Pre-Built Open Connectors for Non SAP Applications which you can use readily 

Trial Option 

If you are an SAP Partner/Customer and have a User ID, you can request a Free Trial of SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite from this link – Request a Free Trial 

Below will be the Trial Coverage: 

  • 1 Sub Account with Tenant 
  • 10 Integration Flows 
  • 8GB Instance Memory 
  • 2 GB Memory for Applications 
  • 1000 Messages Per Day 
  • 10000 API Calls 

Partnership Level to work  

As an SAP Partner, if you wish to start providing services on SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, you will need to have PE Build/Sell with Cloud Development Test and Demo for SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite Standard Edition Package associated with your Partnership Level. It has a monthly fee for partners to work with this Integration Platform which will include below. Before opting for this partnership level, you can obviously go for a Free Trial as mentioned above. 

  • 1 Tenant 
  • 25000 Messages Per Month 
  • Cloud Integration A2A and B2B Scenarios 
  • Dedicated Integration Advisor 
  • API Management 
  • Open Connectors – Over 160 Non SAP Applications Integration 
  • Message Queuing 
  • On AWS or Microsoft Azure 


Licensing and Pricing Model for End Customers  

Consumption-Based Pricing Model 

This model is also called as SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (SAP Cloud Platform EA). It provides cloud credits based on actual usage. You can get access to all services available under SAP Cloud Integration Suite with just one contract. You can choose how to spend Cloud Credits and monitor real-time service usage. 

Components and Pricing Model 

Component  Pricing Model 
ABAP Environment  Per Hour for 16 GB Block 
API Management  Per Month for 10,000,00 API Calls 
API Calls  Per 1000 API Calls 
Application Log  Per Month, different for large and standard 
Application Runtime  Per Month Per GB Memory 
Bandwidth  Per Month Per 10 GB Bandwidth 
Big Data Services  Per Month each for 5000 Compute Hours and 10240 GB Storage 
Business Entity Recognition  Per Month, 0-50, 50-5000, 5000-15000 Ranges 
Business Rules Workflow Management  Per Month for 100 Workflow, additional for each extra workflow 
Business Rules Standard  Per Month Per Document 
Cloud Integration- Data  Per Month each for connection and Cloud Tenant 
Cloud Integration- Process  Per Month each for connection and Cloud Tenant 
Continuous Integration and Delivery  Per Compute Hours 
Credential Store  Per Month Per Record 
Custom Domain  Per Month 
Data Attribute Recommendation  Per Month for every 5 Blocks of 1000 Records 
Data Privacy Integration  Per Month 1 Tenant 
Data Quality Services  Per Month 425 API Calls, additional for extra 
Data Retention Manager  Per Month 
Document Classification  Per Month up to 5, 50, 50+ 
Document Information Extraction  Per Month up to 60 Blocks of 1000 Records Block 
Document Management  Per Month for each 20000 API Calls 
Document Service  For 10 GB 
Enterprise Messaging  Per Month up to 500 GB 
Extension Factory, Kyma Runtime  Per Month 
Extension Factory, Serverless Runtime  Per Month 
Hyperledger Fabric  Per Hour each Tenant 
Identity Authentication   
Identity Provisioning  Per Month upto 150 Users 
Integration Advisor  Per Month 
Integration Suite  Per Month 
IOT  Per Month for 5 and 100 Blocks of Devices 
Java Server  Per Month 1 Tenant 
Job Scheduler  Per Month for 10000 Jobs 
Master Data for Business Partners  Per Month each block for 16 GB Blocks, Per Month for 50000 API Calls 
Open Connectors  Per Month for 100000 API Calls 
Portal  Per Month for each 1000+ site visits & Admin/Normal User Account Cost 


More details on this model can be found in this link – What Is the Consumption-Based Commercial Model? – SAP Help Portal 


Subscription-Based Pricing Model 

This model helps you to choose a fixed set of services at a fixed cost, regardless of the consumption/usage.  

Components and Pricing Model 

Component  Pricing Model 
Hyperledger for BlockChain  Per Month 
Multichain for BlockChain  Per Month 
Object Store  Per 100 GB 
Alert Notification  Per 1000 API Calls 
Application Log  Per Service Instance 
Custom Domain   
Document Management   Per API Call 
Enterprise Messaging  Per GB 
Identity Authentication  Per Unit 
Cloud Platform Integration Suite  Per Month Per Tenant 
Job Scheduler  Per 10000 Job Execution 


More details can be found here.

If you want to explore custom integration of SAP ERP/Business One and other business applications with the help of smart, pre-built connectors, contact us.


Now, you can easily connect all your business applications under one single platform to automate the business process!

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